Who We Serve

All our work is done through a DEIB Lens & Human Equity Approach.


We provide a safe environment to listen to one another and to freely express our differences and the goals of your organization. Because of the goals of DEIB, organizational development can’t be achieved by assessing one another but only by assessing ourselves.

Executive Leadership/Middle Management/Board Members

DEIB is ROI. Gradient understands the need for organizations to enter the DEIB space and the uncertainty that may come with that journey. Because of this, Gradient aims to help leaders understand why it’s essential and to help them see the amazing opportunities they’ll discover along the way, both in their organization and in their bottom line. 

HR Professionals

A Gradient Community attracts top talent. Recruiting made easy: When job seekers and recruiters see that a particular business or nonprofit is working with Gradient to achieve its DEIB goals, new talent becomes available and positions are filled. 


Discover a greater workplace. Find a Gradient Community.  Unlike other consultants that simply assess and evaluate, Gradient offers an easy environment that builds community into the workplace—creating lasting change organizations and their stakeholders can actually see and become a part of. If you’re looking for a position or a workplace that matches your values look for a Gradient Community.  

“Millennials’ expectation of inclusion is part of what is driving CEOs and directors to bring in DEI consultants. That generation will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, according to Brookings, the nonprofit public policy organization.”  

— The New York Times